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The Company

SKALOTECHNIKI G.P. was founded in 2005 and operates until today with great success in Greece.
We are constantly expanding our clientele, thus demonstrating the credibility and firmness of our company's name in the field, as Scaffolders.
SKALOTECHNIKI G.P.  having the experience and know-how of 35 years, assembles scaffolds mainly in Industrial Areas - Shipyards - Buildings - Refineries, focusing on the quality and safety of the construction using certified scaffolding, based on EN standards.

We collaborate with major companies operating in Industrial Areas as we have undertaken and undertake very significant projects of upgrading and maintenance of unit equipment's every year.


We are aware of the increased requirements of this area in safety and quality, we consider non-negotiable  the safety of our work, so we renew on a continuous basis all our parts ,investing in new type of scaffolds with European manufacturing standards (EN12810-1 / EN12811-1 / EN39 / EN74) which we use exclusively in Industrial Areas - Shipyards - Buildings & Refineries.

SKALOTECHNIKI G.P. has 100,000 m2 of scaffolding, capable of covering the needs of many different projects.


The permanent staff of the Company, consists of certified and specialized scaffold assemblers, and Assistants.

We have civil engineers for the structural design of scaffolding though a special program called Steel, by the company 4MK. The company, through our safety engineer, cares for planning and implementing safety sessions with the employees on a monthly basis.

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